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River Communities Fiduciary Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization established by experienced, compassionate professionals.  We welcome the opportunity to work closely with personal injury attorneys, class action firms, and settlement specialists to help enhance the quality of support and services already being provided to their clients. 

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Services Nationwide, Fast Disbursements, Experienced Trust Officers, Accessible, No Monthly Transaction Limits, No Monthly Spending Limits


•National Pooled Trust



•Special Needs Trusts

•Support Trusts

•Settlement Preservation Trusts

•Medical Trusts

•Education Trusts

•Directed Trusts

•Funeral Trusts

•Asset Protection Trusts


•Executor, Administrator or Personal Representative of Decedent's Estates

Trust Services

Types of Trusts

National Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust
Supplemental Needs Third Party Trusts
Special Needs Trusts (Payback)
Minor’s Trusts
Support Trusts
Settlement Preservation Trusts
Medical Trusts
Education Trusts
Directed Trusts
Funeral Trusts
Asset Protection Trusts

Trustee Services

Irrevocable Burial Accounts
Guardianship Services

Guardian of the Person
Guardian of the Estate
Plenary Guardianship
Limited Guardianship
Emergency Guardianship

Conservatorship Services
Health Care Related Services

Health Care Powers of Attorney
Living Wills
Substitute Health Care Decision Makers

Health Care Agent
Health Care Representative

Executor, Administrator or Personal Representative of Decedent's Estates
Powers of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney
Limited Power of Attorney

Representative Payee Services